Business man and Philanthropist

Mohd Badar

Welcome to the official website of Mohd Badar. He brings onboard strategic inputs & communication expertise, stemming from his years of being an event organizer before founding his own company. Mohd Badar has spearheaded & managed several mega events and as well as contributed his strategic foresight for some of the country’s biggest brand launches and corporate events.

My Story

Always looking to learn and innovate, Mohd Badar branched out as an entrepreneur and business leader when he founded HBN Events Pvt. Ltd. in 2016 wherein he has worked with famous brands like Vodafone, Nokia and many more.

From a young age, Mohd Badar seemed destined for a career in event management. Much of this had to do with his upbringing in Lucknow with his parents, who educated and instilled in him a love for constant learning and knowledge. Today, Mohd badar is known for his amazing communication, technical and management skills. The passion to serve his clients with utmost dedication and exceeding their expectation is top priority for him.

Professional Journey

There is a saying "the more you learn, the more you earn". What you learn and experience can often determine your success or failure in life. Your choices and your experiences help create the person that you are.
Nov 2012
Founder / Secretary

Mohd Badar left no stone unturned where he got a chance to give back to the society. IWS, situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, is a non-profit organisation incepted by Mohd Badar with a mission to provide children and individuals from low-income communities with high-quality education, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives completely.

We tirelessly work in the field of education by collecting funds from influential and financially well-aided people and provide a supplemental education to the needy. We are also actively engaged in the areas of rural and urban development and women empowerment through advocacy, direct program interventions and capacity building of the community to access the benefits of the state programs.

“Every individual has a responsibility towards the society. All of us must make a contribution towards making this world a better place to live in. God has blessed me with some success and wealth. I want to use it to empower others. If my efforts inspire more people to come forward and help others, I will be humbled” – Mohd Badar

Dec 2016
Director / Founder

To ignite his passion for event management, Mohd badar laid the foundation of HBN Events in 2016. He is committed to exceed client’s expectations and diligently handles all crucial challenges that comes in his way. He believes that event management as a career is an extremely challenging and demanding but equally exciting option. So if you have an appetite for challenges and would love to work in a dynamic, there is a lot of excitement that this industry provides as well; constantly meeting new people, dealing with different events, travel and exposure is extremely attractive.

From holding conferences atop snow-capped mountains to spell-binding events in medieval castles and from exclusive performances by Bollywood divas to elegant weddings –Mohd Badar designed unique experiences that have left an indelible imprint on the minds of his clients.

Mohd Badar is focused on constantly delivering creative and relevant solutions that not only match thier clients expectations but also create value for them. His professional and detail-oriented team works hand-in-hand with domestic and global brands and helps them achieve what they set out for giving them unsurpassed experience.

April 2019

Mohd Badar recognized the fact that digital-centric lifestyle has made people lethargic and timid. Hence he is now committed to improve awareness among the public regarding various diseases like diabetes, depression, etc., with particular emphasis on exercise and fitness as a component of managing these diseases. That is when the idea of Lucknow Health Run came into the picture .

Mohd Badar believed in the idea that the Fit India Mission could only be achieved if we work hard on building a community. When others see you train and cross that finish line, someone will follow your lead and start running. They might even run their own marathon or face a different fear. That is why he feel community building is imperative. Hence he decided use the marathon as a platform to bring people together.

Mohd Badar made sure that Philanthropy and Lucknow Health run will go in hand.Beyond the sense of achievement that people will get from finishing a race, running for charity will provide them with a much higher sense of accomplishment for completing the marathon. They will be more inclined to get up, train and run when they know you are supporting a nobel cause.

June 2020

Mohd Badar did not shy away from acknowledging the fact that paid journalism is taking over the press media and if these unethical practices continued then the future of this country is going to be very bleak. Mohd Badar take national issues very seriously and has pledged to reform the media operations and conducts. One of the initiative he took is by starting his own media house by the name BHN News . He is committed to provide the users with important and unbiased news on various national and international topics.

Nov 2020
Founder / Owner

HBN Events Academy to provide seamless education in the field of event management with a vision to embellish student’s overall augmentation and transform them to become professionals. Given the fast pace of growth in the industry and the paucity of quality educational programs, HBN Events Academy provides a fine blend of innovative practice-based education and dexterous live industry training. The HBN EVENTS new Academy at Lucknow shall promote experiential learning. Mohd Badar idea is to go beyond the traditional learning approach. Any student here will need to take an active part in the learning process.

The core learning procedure at the new Academy will be practical, not theoretical. What Mohd Badar really wants to achieve here is a perfect blend of practical and classroom training. This would set up new standards of excellence in Event Management education.

The new Academy will offer various specialized Professional Diploma courses for students to choose from. These courses would allow students to get a taste of contemporary industry atmosphere. This would facilitate a creative and diversified development of the students.

Overall, the HBN events Academy would impart education as per the latest requirements of the industry. It is a fitting reminder of Mohd Badar’s resounding legacy and a testament of his shrewd decision making.

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