A Multi-Faceted Approach to Entrepreneurial Life

Many people have a certain apprehension regarding engaging in multiple professions simultaneously. Of course, a compelling argument can be made against this idea of being involved in various careers. The life mantra of most young entrepreneurs out there is to solely focus on one single motive.

Many young professionals believe that distributing attention to more than one career option is a call for disaster. While there is some truth behind this concern, overall, the idea has been quite incorrectly positioned.

Since my early school days, I never restricted myself to the conformed notions of society. I had this belief about letting your aspirations roam free without limitations. The very idea of constricting my thoughts and personality made me feel uneasy.

Formulating Ideas in my College Days

 In school days, I had developed a certain fascination with animal biology. As such, I applied for the Bachelor of Applied Science program in Lucknow University. During this period, I immersed myself in learning zoology.

However, it was not like I wasn’t discovering other fields at this time. My mind was always open to exploring other avenues in life. I have always relied on this particular habit throughout my career.

My Entanglement with Event Management

After my graduation, I spent some time introspecting myself. Going through various options, my heart finally settled on event planning. The idea of event management somehow appealed to me the most.

To pursue my newly found interest, I decided to become a business partner at Innovation Events. Being a part of this renowned event planner in Lucknow helped me gain a stronghold in this field. This was my first engagement with the Event Management industry.

I spent three years at Innovation Events during which I learned skills like event & conference planning, strategic planning, staff management, etc. My time here earned me much needed exposure to the industry.

Event Planning Has its Own Perks

You may ask what inspired me to take up event management as a serious profession. First of all, let me be clear that event management is no joke. It is a very unique career option that has its own set of challenges and skill requirement.

Contrary to popular belief, most aspects associated with event management are not glamorous. Nevertheless, the profession has some of the awesome ‘pinch me’ moments; visiting thrilling places, interacting with reputable personalities, staying in elegant hotels, and being granted privileged opportunities.

Working as an integral part of a team is a really rewarding benefit one can get as an event planner. I can say this from my first-hand experience in event management and planning. Not that I am an overly sentimental person, but cooperating with a good team at an event builds a unique bonding experience.

Changing the Lives of Others

After my time at Innovation Events, I started IB Creations, Event Management Company at Lucknow. While working in IB creations, my mind was always open to exploring new ideas. It was here that I decided to establish the Innovation Welfare Society for the unfortunate individuals of society.

To be honest, I always had a soft spot for the poor, oppressed, and marginalized sections of the society. I strongly believe that financially well-off individuals have a moral obligation of serving the poverty-stricken communities.

With this idea in mind, I founded the Innovation Welfare Society. The idea behind it was simply to create a non-profit organization for children belonging to low-income families. Our organization provides high-quality education to these innocent souls, giving them a chance at opportunities they would have otherwise missed.

HBN Events: A Defining Moment

Working as a proprietor at IB Creations was a wholesome experience for me.  After spending more than 5 years there, when all this was going on, something big was in my mind.

My desire all along had been to have my own Events Management Company. Finally, in 2016, my dream came to fruition with the establishment of HBN Events Private Limited. The company lays great emphasis on a culture of detail-oriented teamwork, which is a crucial requirement of efficient event management.  

Promoting Sports and Fitness

Sports must be an integral part of everyone’s life. In the modern era, the physical activity of people has significantly declined. Consequently, there is an urgent need for promoting good health awareness among the masses.

With this belief at the forefront, I have been organizing the Lucknow Health Run Marathon #runforyourhealth. Simply speaking, it is an annual marathon event that takes place in Lucknow. I believe it is a profound effort towards community building and health enhancement.

This race fills its participants with a sense of jubilation and exhilaration. Besides, who can deny the unparalleled joy of winning a race. Overall, the noble intention behind the initiative is promoting fitness in an otherwise digitally-centric lethargic society.

My Time in BHN News

Media is the backbone of any democratic country. It is a reflection of the community at large. Realizing its immense importance for society, I developed a strong interest in media and journalism.

My first real connection with media was established when I became the Editor In Chief at BHN News. Working at this reputable web news channel has been a whole new learning experience for me. It gave me a real comprehension of what the realm of media is all about.


In conclusion, my message to all the young entrepreneurs and professionals out there is that living a multi-faceted life isn’t such a bad idea. If you have more than one passion, then there is no harm in pursuing them provided you have the required calibre. Being devoted to multiple careers has certainly made my life fruitful.

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